Trying to write the blog in English.

Hello everyone.


This is a big experimet. I’m not sure if this article collect large amount of page view.

A lot of readers may come to my blog from all over the world.

On the other hand, there is a possibility that no one come to read this article.


Please allow me to make mistake in grammer or spelling.

I am not a professional english writer.


I realized that the url automaticaly removed preposition (to and in) from itself.

I know that noun and verb are very important words compared to others.


I want to complain that editer of wordpress count my alphabets.


You shoud count words!


I forgot to add Heading and photos.


Please enjoy this content.


How long should I write?

In case of Japanese blog, it is said that more than 1000 characters should be writtern in the blog.


However, I don’t have idea about English blog.

Stereotype English essay has more than 300 words in English test.

For example TOEFL has 300 words essay.


I will follow this rule.

What should I write.

I pick up same theme as previous heading.

Ordinary essay test has theme to write.


We need to write about the given theme.


Unfortunately, I have to choose interesting topic by myself because this is my blog.


I believe that my choices were best.

I wish I could have more readers.


What is not enough in my blog?

If you have some advice, please let me know.



Did I succeeded to write more than 300 words?


To sum it up, I need to continue to write my blog to get more readers.


Moreover, It is obvious that I need increase my english skill.


This article is just a joke.

But,  I will add more english contents if I get many page views.


Thank you.


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